Saturday, 16 February 2013

save2pc Light is available for a free download from digzip

save2pc Light 4.27 Build 387

save2pc Light 4.27 Build 387

At this moment there are a large number of video files that are available on the internet for users to watch but sometimes those files are restricted and are not allowed to be watched and this is where save2pc Light version might help you out. This program will allow you to watch all these video clips directly from the website and on to your computer. Now you can watch many hours of videos plus you can save those to your computer.
Latest version of save2pc Light is available for a free download from digzip.
All that you need to do is to copy the link to the page where the desired video is located after which this software product will detect it and allow you to download it directly to your computer. Both quality and file format can be selected before you save this video file to your HDD.
Another really nice addition in save2pc Light is that it has integrated download accelerator which will improve the download speed and as a result we will be able to get our files much faster than without this acceleration. Since this is a Light version there are few limitations and you will not be able to use advanced download accelerator or to change file format of the downloaded video. These features are available in the full version.

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